Welcome to Mater Africa NGO

NEW IN 2019

Mater Africa for Humanitarian AID initiative (MAHAI) – Mater is latin language and means mother – is a non profit making and non governmental organization which is aimed at empowering people, systems and institutions in order to give hope to the hopeless.

The overall objective is to create a loving and supportive environment for the orphans, abandoned persons, indegent persons, aged persons, people living with disabilities, street children and adolescents, to achieve self reliance and economic empowerment thereby reducing the attraction to migrate abroad to seek better life.

The general idea is that if people are well empowered and are living a satisfying life, the illegal migration of young people to foreign countries for prostitution and other demeaning activities will be reduced.

The organisation also promotes multiculturalism by sensitising both foreigners and Africans on the dangers of illegal migration which ultimately ends up as human trafficking using cinema and audiovisual materials.

We also develop the capacity of institutions and systems to be able to aid people that live in the rural areas to access health care services.

We also plan to provide food in designated locations to feed desolate people on the street.

Presently, the organisation has offices in Benin, Abuja and Lagos and hopes to establish more in the major cities of Nigeria.

The organisation is inviting people of like mind to join in the struggle to build the nation.