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Below you can find some interesting books about human trafficking in Nigeria.


It is a project about a radio program that involve Mater Africa Onlus in Italy and Mater Africa NGO in Nigeria, our Mater Africa Group.  The puropose and the reason of this broadcasting project is to help all the migrants from Africa swung away to Italy.  To involve them in the social life and more.

The project: is a weekly (for now) radio program  where a team of students of migrants of second generation resident in Italy become journalists around the cities, joining press conferences to collect relevant information regarding social life, laws, events, training schools, advices for migrants who live in Italy. Most of them do not understand italian or just a little, so we try to avoid any misunderstanding.

The editorial staff write the news and send to our branch in Lagos where  Mike Okwoche, our member and Award winning International broadcast journalist translates with its interpratation in Pidjing english and records at the Tv studio in Ikeja (Lagos). The audio file after 72 hours is in our studio in Rome and after  edited for each radio that has sign our partnership and agreement project will be sent in each radio of Italy who requested.

Obviously is a full time work that will involve hundreds of youth. Aalso providing training to young who desire to join our teams through Italy and Nigeria.

The admission will follow an audition in committee. The first broadcast program is on air thanks to Radio Azzurra FM, north Italy covering also the italian canton in Switzerland.

For any information send us an email. radioshow@materafrica.it or info@materafrica.org .


First project under evaluation:

Vocational training Courses
First chain of Professions for life
against trafficking and illegal migration

First chain of Professions for life as a barrier to the illegal emigration of indigent youth and migrants in return from Italy who intend to live their land for a future, with dignity and love

in EDO state, Benin City

in Lagos State, Ajegunle

in FEDERAL state around Abuja

in partnership with

Mater Africa per la Cooperazione Internazionale Onlus, Italy

Abuja Royal Women Empowerment Initiative

During a course of mechanic and electronics


Second project under evaluation:


to provide food and sanitary aid to families in villages far from towns and those on the rivers who can’t efford first aid hospitals because of money and do not have the right food or water for their childrens.
This picture down here was shot during our invastigations inside villages and poor areas. The mother and the child were eating spolied food and drinking contaminated water. Before taking this picture we had to swat away thousand of flies.

The books

Trafficking in women and children

New edtion of the book. Updated and with more incredible solutions to the problem.

These books are recommended. If you need copies send us an email to info@materafrica.org

First edition.
These books are recommended. If you need copies send us an email to info@materafrica.org

These books are recommended. If you need copies send us an email to info@materafrica.org