Who are we and our mission

We are a group of persons who are proud to have a vocation for philantropy with different skills and different professions.

All of us think and support these ideas of developing effective programs that have at their core the goals of spreading knowledge and awareness, imparting skills, creating opportunities and capacity building among individuals, families and community groups leading to regenerative sustainable development;

Moreover to develop and implement creative community-based strategies to enhance pathways for social justice, migrants problems and trafficking of human being, public health, economic empowerment,  intellectual freedom, transmedia social sensitization and ecological consciousness among individuals, families and social groups working to achieve their rationalized Life Dreams.

We are inspired by the idea of motivated youth contributing to greater global good by leading community education and sustainable development initiatives throughout the country of Nigeria.

We value dedication, honesty, integrity to our cause and the motivation and resolve to overcome any obstacles. Self-initiative and leadership combined with cultural sensitivity and teamwork are the primary traits we hope to discover and promote amongst our team-members.