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Mater Africa School of Cinema’s Studies

Mater Africa School of Cinema’s Studies is the new title of the school of cinema for indigents of Benin City already called Butterfly School of Cinema’s Studies.

Our school of audiovisual art turned out to be the most innovative both as an idea and as a project implemented throughout Africa creating many curiosities on the part of the Western media both in Europe and in the USA.

The school in partnership with the Government Television of Edo State called EBS TV

The new project aims to create a school that is a compromise in order to be able to work safely in an era of generalized pandemic: therefore the student will be required to attend for 50% of the course hours and for 50% as a virtual course  and the student will have a preferential channel online to follow lessons without leaving home. We would like to have students not only from Edo State but also from other states.

On Facebok you can find news about the school.

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Better than any visual

Give us a reason to join our new school of cinema’s studies for indigent youth. Write your name, surname and your position to our email cinemaschool@materafrica.org

A film school for a future profession in its own territory, a film school for highly motivated young people.

Below an example of videoclip produced at the exam session with one of the best student from the singing course.

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